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Bulletproof safety guard booth with maximum safety.

Due to the unfortunate presence of organized, and unorganized, crime, businesses are being singled out as easy targets, this is resulting in both private and legal action to ensure businesses are taking the correct procedures to minimize risk of vulnerability. This has caused our Bullet Resistant Guard Booths to become increasingly popular with developing and existing businesses, both indoor and outdoor.


Bullet Resistant Guard Booths, also known as guard shacks, guard houses, security cabins, bullet-proof cabin of prefabricated cabins, explosion-proof cabinets, or ballistic protection cabinets, are designed to protect sentry personnel from incoming bullets and blast attacks. The sort of industries we supply our Bullet Proof Guard Booths to are, site security cabins, social facility security cabins, sports club and stadium security cabins, airport and highway control point security cabins, coast guard cabins, army and police security cabins, parks and gardens security cabins, fairs, and many more.

Our Bullet Resistant Guard Booths are made from steel. After the production process, they are equipped with thermal insulation, air conditioning, and communication systems. Various optional extras can be installed, to maximize the comfort of guard personnel, upon request. Karmod Bullet Resistant Guard Booths are manufactured to meet every necessary requirement, with special bullet and explosion protection levels designed in accordance with both European and international standards.

Due to the nature of the attacks, our products have a very wide range of variables and can come in a variety of different sizes to match the request. So, depending on the threat level and environment, Karmod Bullet Resistant Guard Booths can be made to be extremely durable against a variety of different weapons, from 9mm handguns to high-quality automatic assault weapons. Karmod Bullet Resistant Guard Booths enclosures provide protection even against armor-piercing bullets and ballistic weapons.

Karmod Bullet Resistant Guard Booths have been designed to be lightweight and portable without compromising on their structural integrity. So, it is the number one choice for bullet-proof safety from criminals and other potential threats. Keeping your assets and most importantly, employees well protected.


Frame construction

This will vary from model to model, depending on the consumer’s needs.


Will usually consists of aluminum or aluminum-based materials.


Will be constructed using galvanized interlocking pan sections.

Windows Glass

Will be a bullet resistant protective panel framed into the building using a combination of steel and aluminum framing system with no exposed exterior fixings.


Like the windows, it will be a bullet resistant protective barrier with a heavy-duty handle and aluminum threshold.


Will be wired according to N.E.C. standards.




If the booth is to be placed in an area with a high crime rate and prone to attack, the Bullet Resistant Guard Booth should be made of a higher-grade bullet resistant material. Or depending on the type of attack expected, the Bullet Resistant Guard Booth features should consist of steel walls resistant to bullets and other attacks if it is established in a dangerous area such as a police checkpoint or military base.


Is the protection cabinet used for a place with valuable items such as a museum, a central bank? If yes, it should have added features like security cameras and direct links to the alarm systems.


The safety of employees is, and should be, paramount to any business, but if the area contains significant amounts of money, valuables, important persons or sensitive information, it may be more vulnerable to potential violence. Using bullet resistant protection cabinets creates a safe zone where both workers and businesses can feel protected. Optional extras can be added to further minimize the risk of attack such as equipping your security cabinet with technologies like video cameras, which allow remote monitoring, and a means of obtaining evidence of people who threaten, damage, or steal your assets. But naturally, this type of protection, it comes at a higher price.

We are committed to providing the best possible protective cabins to ensure maximum possible safety. The bullet proof cabins’ marketing and sales teams are always available to contact if you require any further information.