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Elegant yet Durable Portable Guard Booths

Karmod  has an important role in providing portable guard booths, mobile security booth, guard shacks and guard houses to airports, private industry, commercial, industrial, government and military throughout around the globe because Karmod portable guard booth buildings are built to withstand years of physical and environmental abuse, they are the logical choice when choosing guard houses, dock shelters, sally ports, perimeter check points, inspection booths and gun or surveillance towers.


Quality modular portable security guard booth buildings shipped to you at affordable prices,  We have been the leader in mobile security guard booths since 1986.

Mobile security guard booths make a great addition to your security team for your short-term, long-term, or permanent needs. Due to their rigid floor frame and durable materials, these security booths can be picked up and moved from location to location regard to your security needs. We build every one of our portable guard booths custom-made for our clients.

If you need some extra space for multiple security officers, we can customize the portable security booth to fit your specific situation. If your security needs are more urgent, we provide more ‘standard’ option for our mobile security guard booths, which can be designed, engineered, constructed, and shipped to your facility as quickly as possible

Adds a value to the location of installation.

Compatible with modern urban architecture, Portable security booths meet your highest comfort standards in the mobile security guard booth industry and show a pleasant aesthetic quality.

They provide an ergonomic environment with complete insulation from doors to windows with detailed solutions for security officers.