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Mobile Office Trailers – Fast Delivery & Setup

We have the largest selection of mobile office trailers for every need and budget. Karmod is the largest supplier of mobile office trailers and mobile storage units in North and South America.


Our mobile office trailers are a convenient and economical solution whenever you need temporary space. We offer a variety of sizes for quick delivery to any location.

Our mobile sales office trailers offer an attractive and direct on-site mobile trailer solution tailored to your specific needs. From single mobile office trailers to large multi-purpose complexes, we have the largest fleet of temporary offices to meet your specific needs. Our mobile offices offer all the amenities and features of a traditional office space, anytime, anywhere. As a leading provider of temporary space, Karmod is your go-to guide for all types of office trailers in no time, and our mobile office trailers are a convenient and cost-effective solution to your temporary office needs.

Container living units in all areas of life.

As a result of more accessible education, more options, business owners and entrepreneurs have increased along with the increased population. This expansion of the industry has caused the need for space to also increase over time, which has been previously met by issues of space not being used efficiently to support the growing number of employees. This problem has also brought about a decrease in business efficiency as without space to work or inadequately fixed office environments, no work can be done. As with many necessities, it had caused people to seek solutions and as a result, many types of offices have emerged. After a while, mobile structures started to be used. In this case, Mobile Offices were developed to save road costs and time losses by eliminating the stop and go environment in the areas where continuous trade is carried out.


The concept of mobile office space has perhaps become more and more integrated into our lives with the recent developments in technology. Innovations to meet today’s growing needs have perhaps found their place in the concept of mobile space. In particular, the increased demand for new offices is some of the problems that arise due to technological developments, this has caused the need for mobile and temporary offices to increase tenfold. They have since become highly preferred places to use, due to the flexibility, space gain, and movement opportunities. The concept of mobile space has now found its place in the offices in a more functional way.

Considering that mobile office spaces that can be moved, re-placed, dismantled and installed, it is a great way to organize and control space without the previous limitations of reduced physical space due to constructing permanent buildings. Once up, the mobile office containers can be moved, taken down and repositioned as and when is required.

The concept of mobile space that we come across in residential areas, has started to be seen more in offices and has been adopted because they allow for easier movement and in an unexpected way, a tidier environment. For maximum efficiency and productivity, office spaces need to be as organized as possible. The nature of office work invites an untidy and organized environment. When portable office spaces are introduced, it creates a new environment that may soon be transferred again. This is new, tidier and changing office environment allows for higher staff productivity and can promote a psychological improvement, additional reasons why mobile space is being use for offices. A prime example is the use of offices in portable office containers on construction sites. With these mobile office containers, business tracking and monitoring is made significantly easier, as a real business environment is created by setting up the original office in the field of activity thanks to Mobile Offices.


Over time, the increase in the number of factories, workplaces and offices has resulted in an increased need for staff to work in these places. As a result, migrations to large cities have increased exponentially and housing problems have obviously arisen. The concept of ‘mobile space’ first emerged with the need for cheap and easy housing to home this growing population. Once it proved successful in this sector, the idea was transferred and utilized in other areas such as industrial and private office space.


Mobile office containers are extremely portable. They can be moved as a whole, and in structures with larger volumes, they can be transported in the modular parts. It is very rare that any problems occur in the transportation of these offices because they have such a secure structure that makes them extremely mobile.

Thanks to the modular system of their structure, they can be easily switched and added to, as the business grows or more space is required.

In addition to these features, they are comparatively quite lightweight compared to solid constructions. This added ability to be moved is great if space is an issue, or they are no longer required.

In areas that are prone to natural disasters, they are extremely resistant to such natural disasters and thanks to their simple and fast installation abilities, they are a great solution for pre-disaster or post-disaster use.