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Ground Level Offices Nationwide

Karmod offers a wide range of ground floor office configurations to suit any requirement, including our innovative standard ground floor office. We have secure solutions to meet a wide range of business needs. Flooring installation creates instant office solutions for convenience. Contact us today and let us help you get your next ground floor office trailer.

Safe and Secure Mobile or Ground Level Offices

You can quickly access a fully functional office and space for storing with our ground floor offices. Our equipment requires minimal floor space, are often delivered anywhere and installed quickly. We’ve multiple offices on the bottom floor to satisfy your different business needs. Trying to find the simplest solution to your mobile office trailer problem? Karmod is here to assist with a number of the simplest products within the industry.

Ground-Level Offices and Complexes

Want a little peace and quiet on the job site? Click ‘Reserve Now’ and let one of our expert sales reps guide you through the order process today. We can have your very own office trailer solution delivered to you in no time. Karmod ground level offices don’t always have to be a land-based solution. Sometimes there is a need for one of the best portable office products out there to head out on the open ocean. And we’re ok with that.

Fast installation, easy transport and inexpensive: Ground level office containers

Ground level offices containers, conex offices, mobile office storage containers and security offices, by any name, they’re tough, secure, affordable and relocatable on-site space solutions.

Thanks to the sophisticated technology of our flat-pack Ground level offices, they can be used individually as well as for container systems. With this system up to 8 flat-pack ground level offices including wall elements can be transported on a truck. The simple assembly guarantees a fast installation at the place of use and saves you time and money. Our flat pack Ground level offices are available in different sizes with different equipment options. As standard we produce them in sizes 7.5 ft x 19.5 ft and 9.84 ft x 22.96 ft according to international standards. Gain fully functional onsite office container.


While we are providing 20ft office container anyone who wants a portable office alternatives, we are also focusing on durability and comfortability.

Space and storage quickly with our ground-level office containers. Our units require a minimal site footprint and can be delivered anywhere and set up quickly

These days containers are being used for all sorts of purposes. In the building industry , people use wind and water tight protection to prevent valuable machinery and products from being destroyed or stolen. Nowadays, though, prefab containers are used for more than just packaging. Construction firms, contractors and company owners alike are continuing to see the appeal of updated ground floor office containers.

Ground Level Prefab Office containers can be delivered on either Landoll or tilt back, making them very easy to prepare for distribution. Many businesses will supply a field container or office container within a day, allowing contractors and company owners greater consistency and minimizing downtime. This transformed offices can also fit into tight spaces. They work well in cramped towns and tiny offices to provide additional work room for every business. Office containers are today the fastest plug and play office room in the world.

Ground level office containers can deal with the continuous traffic of busy building workers stopping in and out to review schedules, take lunch, and escape extreme weather conditions. They are often highly stable and coupled with steel bars over windows and doors and lock boxes for additional security. Given the extra protection, the converted containers are just as good as your regular field office on the inside. They have HVACs that offer quality temperature control, numerous windows for natural light, and are topped with tiled floors and polished walls. These steel boxes are sturdy enough for the hardest builders, while at the same time making them relaxed on the job.

Recycled containers are inherently eco sustainable because they are continuously recycled to be used in a number of ways. Shipping containers are non-combustible and have been designed to last well after their overseas shipping days are over. These containers can be well treated to last as long as conventional buildings and can be used several times for various purposes. If you’re interested in the world we work in, consider using a transformed office container for your next project.