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Karmod’s innovative prefab commercial building also provides multi-modular complex configurations to meet any need, including such instances as multi-classroom modular complexes, mobile office trailers and buildings, and ground-level offices and complexes to name a few.

With Karmod modular office buildings, you can gain all the office space you require. Karmod’s modular buildings for sale, provide this required additional square footage and can be delivered anywhere and installed in an extremely short period of time, due to their prefabricated nature. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, we also offer a wide variety of mobile office complexes for sale. Some of our modular complexes are briefly described in more detail below.


Modular Office Trailer

Karmod’s modular office trailers are perfect for providing the extra space for industries such as job site contractor offices, administrative offices, sales or retail outlets, swing space during renovations or new construction, medical facilities, and visitor centers. These modular office trailers offer a wide range of office space styles and are all made of strong and high-quality materials. Standard and customized floor plans are also available.

Our Multi-Classroom Modular Complex

Building any new permanent structures for schools is a big and often expensive decision. New technological demands and budgets often bring about unforeseen setbacks and the need to update existing infrastructure often must take priority. At Karmod modular, we understand how significant planning is, and we offer full design, transport, and install for your next multi-classroom modular complex. Providing a much more economical and temporary alternative.

Because traditionally, on-site construction for large-scale projects is expensive, requires valuable space, and long periods that not all schools and universities can afford. These multi-classroom complexes are low-cost and built off-site, eliminating the need for long-term hazardous construction zones, a nightmare for health and safety.

Karmod can work as your multi-purpose contractor when building and installing your modular classroom, or we can happily work with your current contractor to deliver your high-quality complex on time. More over, our skilled design professionals can modify your new modular complex to match all of your current site-built elements.

Karmod’s temporary modular classroom solutions are perfect for installing at the end of projects or semesters and can be designed with flexible leasing options that are adaptable to your timeline and budget needs.


Mobile Office Trailer

When your business requires more space to work, our modular office trailers are the perfect solution. They are made of durable, high-quality materials that meet national and state building codes. Standard and customized floor plans are available.

Our clients regularly require mobile offices for a wide variety of uses in many industries. As a leading supplier of mobile offices, as well as portable job site trailers, Karmod Prefabricated Technology understands that you need fast and reliable workspaces that allow you to continue your work efficiently and effectively. This is why these types of buildings are easily installed and assembled so you can stay productive as the scale of your business increases, without losing space or productivity. Whether you are using a mobile office trailer as a permanent or temporary solution, we can work together to create fast manufacturing times, budget-friendly price, and durable construction models to fit your specific requirements.

Ground-level Office Container

Karmod’s modular buildings also offer a multi-level office container to meet any sort of need. Each component is made of the highest quality materials that conform to national and state building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing standards. We also offer optional extras, in all of our modular offices, such as including furniture, technology, security, and more to provide you with the best environment you need. If you need another reason to use Karmod products, our ground-level offices have the best customer service support in the industry.


In conclusion, Karmod successfully partners with customers looking for a modular building provider that can handle all aspects of their extra space needs. We provide office space, classroom buildings, storage, and large home development/camping – as well as many separate buildings.

Karmod’s modular buildings are designed by a team of our industrial experts whose knowledge and experience perfectly meet the needs of our commercial clients. Whether considering a temporary or permanent building solution, we offer a wide variety of design options and alternatives in addition to our standard service design and construction.

From simple to more challenging functional necessities, our capabilities range from creating one-two-story modular office space to designing video conferencing systems with intensive computer requirements.

We combine our expertise in the simultaneous site development with the advanced rapid modular construction methods of our manufacturing facilities. Our productive strengths enable up to 90% of building construction to be completed off-site, resulting in reduced site interruption, faster project completion time, and faster occupancy than site-built construction. This is why our clients choose us for our work quality, professionalism, and unparalleled customer service.

We provide optional extras in all of our structures to boost employee and worker satisfaction and productivity. They include stairs, furniture, ramps, technology, security, and more.