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Karmod is a manufacturer of prefabricated buildings in the USA. The prefabricated paneling systems we provide offers a perfect option for a number of industries, businesses, and private clients.

Our modern prefab cabins are used as cabin getaways, hunting cabins, lake houses, studios, offices, and workshops. However, they can also be used and referred to as portable office buildings, which are used as lasting, or short-term buildings in health care facilities, oil and gas worksites, schools, hospitals, military buildings, tourist villages, offices, social facilities, and many other areas. Examples of these can be found listed below with brief descriptions providing additional detail.

Prefab Worksite Building

At Karmod, we produce prefabricated work site buildings that provide specialized comfortable office and recreation areas for work sites that can be subject harsh working conditions. Each building has a highly secure structure and is distinguished by its unique features such as quick production, quick installation, and economical prices.

Our portable worksite solutions are manufactured to international standards. They include maintenance and technical offices, dormitories, dining rooms, kitchens, laboratories, laundry, entertainment areas, hospital and medical departments, places of worship, canteens and cafés, WC, and shower units.



Long-term, modular, prefabricated office buildings get the same features of quick production and installation, as well as economical cost benefits. The exceptionally aesthetic design of our portable office buildings is carefully produced to create both comfortable and aesthetic spaces.

Our products include models of work buildings, sales showrooms, public and municipal buildings, management centers, representative offices, and many other buildings.

Prefab Social Facilities

Karmod pre-built social facilities, provide excellent solutions to various needs from places like restaurants and sports facilities, with their aesthetic design, quick installation, long-term architectural design, and financial cost. We offer both classic and modern style buildings to create refreshing spaces and comfort in social facilities.

Our modular structures are delivered in the form of ready to use installations for entertainment facilities, tourist and sports complex structures, meeting and conference rooms, cafes and canteens, churches, WC, and shower units.

What are the Various Advantages of Portable Office Buildings and Portable Trailers?

Prefab Modular Hospital

In addition to ergonomic area design and sanitation structures, prefabricated modular hospitals are produced with high building safety, considering the intensive use and specific legal requirements and standards.

Our modular buildings offer an important alternative to traditional structures, thanks to the demountable high-tech and rapid production system, short-term mobilization, and economical cost benefits.

Our health care buildings are manufactured to international standards and have been incorporated into maintenance offices, laboratories, doctor and patient rooms, polyclinics, operation rooms, WC, and shower units.

Prefab Modular Schools

Karmod is one of the top brands supplying pre-built schools to both government agencies and the ministries of education. We produce safe prefabricated schools and classroom projects with high insulation, ergonomic plans, and modular transportable structure. Karmod provides pre-made solutions for reliable education buildings for institutions including nurseries, colleges, universities, private schools, public schools, and modern classrooms.

Prefab Tourist Villages

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies builds transportable cabins to the building codes and standards of the USA, meaning our cabins are built with insulation, zip rock walls, and aluminum windows. We have an expert team who have worked hard to cover every possibility, so we are committed to giving you the uttermost peace of mind.

Prefab Military Buildings

We also offer architectural solutions for prefabricated military buildings with the benefits of short-term production and quick installation. Our buildings can be easily disassembled and moved to other locations. Our modular buildings offer specialized solutions to moving military forces, UN peacekeepers, and other similar associations.

We also consider other specialized extras and additions that meet national military standards, taking into account international standards.

Prefab Office Plans

Karmod has been building high-quality portable office buildings, as well as modular structures and is proud to offer a wide variety of modular building floor plans and layouts to meet different customer needs. Our modular office-complex plans include three to six private offices, as well as restrooms, kitchens, and outdoor workspaces. We also have prefab floor plans for classroom buildings, locker and shower rooms, and various large-scale multi-use structures.


If you want a more compact living space that blends better with the natural landscape, then a modern prefabricated cabin is an excellent choice. Karmod cabins offer the opportunity to create your ideal weekend and vacation retreat on the cabin of your choice.

Whether you want to build a shelter in the meadow, near the lake, or the beach, you can find a variety of prefab cabins included on this page. Designs vary from simple and solid, to modular are all available. However all of our cabins also come with extensive customization options.