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Practical Portable Restroom for different needs.

Karmod offers a wide range of portable restroom trailer for use on construction companies, festivals, campsites, concerts, public events and many more locations. The portable restroom blocks included in our toilet range all come with sturdy structures and an anti-vandal protection system.

At Karmod, we only select the highest quality materials to use in production that come with quality certifications to meet international standards. Karmod portable restroom trailer can be produced in a variety of different plans depending on customer preferences and requirements. All of our products are regularly in high demand, with our ergonomic design and economical prices contributing heavily towards this.

Restroom container and Portable bathroom

Karmod offers the cheapest and most useful, portable restroom trailer and bathroom solutions used in parks, mosques, sports facilities, shopping malls, restaurants, gas stations, and carpet pitches. These are usually present with a 250-liter waste reservoir. Waste and clean water are designed to be connected to the main network. We also produce our metropolis portable restroom trailer which is designed for higher end-use in places like luxury management, and embassies which can all be made in specific plans and multiple units.

Although portable restroom trailer have very small areas, cleanliness and hygiene are still paramount in these types of buildings, which is why ours are equipped with a small sink and fountain. This is why Karmod regularly supply, with great satisfaction, the portable restroom trailer and bathroom containers, that we fabricate, to famously dirt-heavy sites such as construction sites, worker construction sites, mines, mine exploration, and inspection sites, and road construction sites.

Portable Restroom Trailers: Mobile Restroom Trailers

Being the world’s top portable restroom trailer producers, the Mobile Restroom thickness, and quality are immediately recognizable compared to regular brands. All of our products are ready for use, and the electrical and water installations are shipped together with the unit so that there can be an immediate connection to the mains, irradiating the wait to be connected. The transportation of our portable restrooms is extremely easy. They can be loaded with the help of a forklift or manually loaded into a vehicle and relocated.




Providing adequate portable toilets during outdoor activities will allow guests to relax without having to walk long distances, resulting in a much greater guest satisfaction. This is especially true for golf courses or events on the beach, where there may be no existing local conveniences.

Ease of Use

There are so many options to suit your guest’s needs. Multi-purpose portable toilets can also be fabricated with simple accessible features such as ramps and railing to cater for a wider range of the public. There are also more personally preferred options available for our flush toilets and portable sinks, for added convenience.


As an alternative to constructing permanent conveniences for outdoor activities where a permanent structure is not permitted, it is much more practical to buy portable restrooms. You do not even have to deal with obtaining the necessary permits to build restroom facilities in public places, as it will only be used for a short period of time.

External costs incurred like electricity are also reduced, as the electricity consumption with Karmod’s new toilets is very low and significantly lower per person for a toilet with a temporary space compared to that of permanent space systems.


When renting or buying our portable toilets, as providers we then perform the tedious toilet cleaning, making proper and safe waste disposal possible. It is our responsibility to transport the waste to a treatment plant or to send the waste directly into the sewage system.

Water Conservation

As a substitute for flushing, several portable restroom manufacturers produce chemicals specifically designed to reduce odors associated with waste buildup, allowing for waterless flushing, using this method gallons of water are saved. When required, sophisticated technology can also be installed to permit some portable restrooms to flush with minimal water use. With pilot installations, 40-50% of water savings are achieved. The biggest reduction is seen with respect to source segregation toilets.



Karmod mobile toilets are constructed with only high-quality materials to create the best product possible, with accessories such as electrical and water fittings to door and culvert windows also only being selected if they reach the specified standards.

Although portable restrooms are made up of 4 main components; a toilet seat, a holding tank, a flushing mechanism, and a pressure system, plumbers are not generally familiar with the system as these systems and components are not commonly used in commercial and residential properties. It is therefore important for plumbers to have detailed instructions available when attended to a Karmod portable toilet block, which we ensure is provided.

So whether you are seeking a portable restroom rental, or a portable restroom for sale, then contact us for further information, and we will work together to provide the exact product to meet your specific needs.


Concert Events:  You can use these toilets at concerts and stage performances held in city centers or areas far from city centers. The most basic requirement for the audience is the need for a toilet and sink. We provide as many portable restrooms as you want in accordance with the number of audiences.

Picnic Areas: It can also be used in outdoor activity fields where there are no toilet and sink facilities. You can relieve your basic needs with the toilets that we serve inconvenient and hygienic conditions.

Boats and Caravan: Portable restroom is also used in boats, yachts or caravan. It has its own water tank in its structure, and when this tank is full, it is necessary to remove the tank and empty it. Thanks to the special deodorizing chemical used in it, it does not allow the spread of bad odor to the environment.

Portable Restroom Features

Portable restrooms should have certain standards. They are produced in dimensions of 110 cm X 110 cm X 240 cm. Thanks to their crystallized roofs, they are designed to let in daylight, so people can quickly meet their needs during the day and do not have any problems with the sunlight inside while washing their hands.


If you want to buy portable restroom, you should pay attention to; weight, quality, and ease of handling and installation. Portable restroom has different prices according to its size and quality. You can contact us to learn the most suitable portative toilet model and price before buying a portable restroom. There are many factors to consider when comparing portable restroom manufacturer. They can be divided into three categories. These should be; Product, Customer Service, and Company. Do not decide where to buy the portable restroom without researching these items thoroughly.

Portable restroom has a wide usage area. These toilets can be purchased if regular use is needed. However, if there is no regular need for its use, they can be rented. We can say that portable restroom is generally rented for short-term events of 1 to 5 days. While portable restroom is widely preferred in village picnics, music concerts, university events, Restroom portable purchasing is generally preferred by companies that need a mobile toilet on a regular basis.