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Now elegant, prefabricated modular homes are taking over the US landscape. Their evolutionary character is reinforced by manufacturing technologies. They comply with and even exceed ecological constraints. They are becoming a solution with strong environmental protection potential. The functional aspect of modular block houses reaches the peak of practicality. From the installation to the multiple adaptations and fittings, everything is possible. Without any restrictions on use, these constructions have nothing to envy traditional architecture. Whether it is the main residence, an annex, or a commercial building, the kit constructions can be used for any purpose.


Prefabricated modular home

The modular prefabricated house is a modular home made up of different sections. The installation of this construction is easy. The modules are fabricated in the factory to provide the structure. The delivery of the modules to the installation site is often done within a limited time frame. Placement and final assembly create the unified modern modular homes.

This composition in initially independent blocks offers indisputable qualities. It adapts to the different moments of life. Your cocoon changes at the same rhythm as you do. When the family grows, additional rooms come to enlarge the living space. Your professional activity is changing? Create an independent and inexpensive workspace. You need a small modular homes or big modular homes. Isolate yourself from ambient noise. Conversely, allow communication with a new room to go about your various occupations.

Contemporary the best modular homes are designed to be completely changeable. According to your desires and needs, space takes on the elements that are important to you. Add or remove elements from the dwelling. The surface area varies from 30 to 155 m². Move the interior partitions to redesign your living space. Contrary to an expensive traditional construction on plan, you have the right to change your mind over the years.

Modular housing: Making life easier

The elements are manufactured in block form. Equipped in a factory or workshop, the prefabricated buildings are then assembled on your property. This modular home construction takes shape by lining or stacking the elements. It is up to you to choose the shape of your property. A floor separates the living rooms from the sleeping area. A single-storey house, rare and expensive on the real estate market, makes it easier for all members of the household to move around.

Designed at the manufacturer, the modules arrive complete. Interventions on the site are limited at the time of installation. The inconvenience caused by conventional construction work is avoided. For you and your neighborhood, the inconvenience is short-lived.

The prefabricated modules are placed according to your wishes. Your model is unique. This enhances its attractiveness and value. Everything is customizable. From design to decoration, all the options are flexible to your wishes. The design of your exterior fulfills your desire for modernity.


The accompaniment of your modular home installation.

Karmod Prefabricated buildings, your modular home installer will advise you in your choices to find the model among the different modular homes available, with or without floors.

We have modular homes NC , modular homes Texasmodular homes Florida, modular homes Maine, modular homes California and in all over the US.

Our expertise refines your practical concerns. Well established, a dry construction project can be completed in a few weeks. This is an appreciable speed to reduce the inconveniences of the move.

Prefabricated Modular Homes Prices

Careful assembly in the workshop. Repeated quality controls. Meticulous standards to be respected from a legal point of view. Additional criteria imposed by your installer. Top-of-the-range insulation. The choice of triple glazing. The use of recycled materials. A personalized project. Quick installation. With the numerous approvals of these modular constructions, the price may be a question.

However, modular home price remains competitive. Several cost categories are reduced. The implementation in the workshop limits travels during the construction site. Labour is less important than in conventional construction. The delivery of the completed blocks is done in one go. Installation time is optimized. All these operating steps make it possible to obtain an inexpensive modular home.

The price of the modular home is 20-30% cheaper than a conventional house. These increasingly popular housing solutions have a secure future. The investment is therefore safe and risk-free. Moving because of the need for more living space is avoided. Adding and removing rooms remains the fundamental principle of prefabricated construction.

When your region no longer satisfies you, the transportable modular home becomes a real resource. You keep your home. The change for the children is less significant. And your costs are greatly reduced. The transportable home can be rebuilt on your new living space. No time and energy-consuming prospecting. No percentages to real estate agencies. Just the pleasure of finding your home, your habits, your landmarks, where you need them, anywhere in the US.

Owning a modular home from Karmod means acquiring a quality property. Equipped with the latest technology, more economical, and more ecological, it surpasses other housing modes. With a modular home for sale at a great price, all you have to do is find the land of your dreams.

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